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Forget 'de wereld van K3' and 'de wereld draait door': we now finally have 'the world of analytics'! Since April 1 - no joke - there's a new kid in IT blogging town: World of Analytics by business software provider SAS. Maybe a rather strange kid in town given the ambitious goal: look at analytics from a 'human' perspective.

For non-techies this might sound as mission impossible but just have a scroll through the blog and you'll be surprised about how much analytics are influencing our daily lives. The blog is filled by a wide range of bloggers with one thing in common: each and every one of them is passionate about analytics, big data and numbers. On top, they manage to make data and analytics comprehensible for you and I. 

Did you know, for example, know that the cost of your insurance policy depends on analytics? And that SAS could predict the outcome of the Eurovision Song Contest? Or even better: that Napoleon is the founder of modern-day visual analytics?

This and so much more is what World of Analytics has to offer everyone with even the slightest interest or curiosity for analytics! 

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