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Printing and imaging solutions provider Epson is quietly paving the way for a new era of printing. Their huge R & D investments have always generated exciting new products, but their latest generation of printers has really wowed us all.

Epson - part of the worldwide renowned Seiko Group - is using some remarkable innovations that will drastically change the printer market. High-capacity ink tanks allowing for up to 75.000 pages without replacing anything at all. Fixed position printheads allowing to increase your print speed because the printheads don’t have to move from side to side. Built-in intelligence and piezo technology guaranteeing the highest precision and print quality even at super-high speeds. All these innovations combined put Epson in pole position when it comes to making the difference for consumers and business customers.


Epson is truly an innovative and revolutionary company and is itself living the most profound revolution in their entire history. So they are definitely worth considering whenever you are looking for a printing or imaging solution. But how many companies within Belgium are aware of this? 


This frustrating observation has led Epson to the conclusion: “We have enabled many companies to turn over a new leaf when it comes to printing. Maybe it’s time for us to turn over a new leaf as well, in our communications book.” We can proudly say that Whizpr/Out of the Crowd has been selected to take on this challenge together with them. 


We will jointly look for opportunities to  spread the message: printing does not need to be such a burden on your company budget, inkjet isn’t laserjet’s more expensive little brother (anymore), and - last but not least - printing should be looked at as an added value generator rather than just a considerable cost factor. We look forward to help them spread this great news!

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