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Busy week it's been so far! We've been handing out autographs ever since we appeared in Jobat last weekend ;-) We're still gleaming with pride after our 15 minutes of fame!

All kidding aside, the topic is definitely something very relevant for workers in Belgium. Small country, lots of people and far too many of them spend hours and hours getting to and from work every day. 

Our managing director Bart Van der Leenen is a big believer in a healthy work-life balance. Something that all of us value as well. So if there's a new vacancy and we have applicants that live far from the office, there's a clash with this core value. "We sometimes don't have any other choice than to let candidates go, regardless of how strong their CV is. This is all related to our internal philosophy and company culture of teamwork, healthy work-life balance, genuine 38-hour workweeks and long-term customer relations. These values are no longer palpable if you're driving 90 minutes to get to the office. On the long term this simply isn't feasible."

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