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We don’t often discuss our customer’s products, services or initiatives. But every once in a while something comes across that we get so excited about that we cannot help ourselves.

Picture this: Friday night. Your boyfriend/girlfriend is coming by and you have prepared everything for a very special night. As soon as Barry White’s husky voice sounds through the room, everything is set in motion: the lights change colour to sultry red, the heating temperature is set to a few degrees higher, the internet TV switches on and suddenly the room seems to be filled with sound and sight of a crackling open fire. All is set for an unforgettable night, with just one push on a button. 
Science fiction, you say? Science definitely yes, but most certainly not fiction. Such a prefect night is within everybody’s reach, thanks to Seagate’s Personal Cloud, probably the smartest disk in the world.
The secret behind all this intelligence? IFTTT stands for ‘IF This, Then That’ and that’s exactly what this site does: it connects devices and instructs them what to do when another device has performed a specific action. For instance: when a weather site predicts that it will rain in your area, you get sent a text message reminding you to take your umbrella. When you haven’t reached your Fitbit target, you get sent a stern warning by mail. These are just a few examples of what you can program using IFTTT.
Add some brains to your Personal Cloud
Seagate Personal CloudSo what about this ‘smartest disk’ then? It starts with Seagate’s Personal Cloud, a central storage system for all your files: movies, music, text and other files, and - for most users - most of all: pictures, pictures and even more pictures. Pictures made with your smartphone or by a professional photographer, pictures on Facebook and Instagram, ... whatever image you would like to keep, can be stored on this Personal Cloud.
Now, if you connect this Personal Cloud to IFTTT, what do you get? The very first storage device that can store all these files automatically. The selfie with your smartphone gets sent automatically to your Personal Cloud if you want it to, because IFTTT is also connected to iOS and Android. But you can also store every photo on Facebook in which you are tagged, even that compromising picture of yourself sitting with two blondes in the hot tub. 
Your Personal Cloud can also initiate other actions, as described above. The Philips Hue LED lights, the Android-powered internet TV’s, and Nest’s programmable thermostat thus become willing assistants in your IFTTT-enabled masterplan. By the way: you can also use it for other purposes. For a crazy party with varying moods, for instance, or for theme movie nights accompanied by appropriately colored lights: it is all just a matter of changing a handful os settings. 
And the best news of all: it doesn’t take a programming nerd to crate these programs: you simply define which condition launches the program (eg starting a specific song or movie) and which action should follow (eg change the lights and/or temperature) and there you go! So... what are you waiting for?
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