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Last Saturday, a team of Whizpr, Out of the Crowd and Comsquad colleagues combined their forces to compete in the Acerta Brussels Ekiden under the common All Colors of Communication banner. Check the T-shirts! ;)

The Ekiden is a relay running race in which teams of 6 runners compete. The word Ekiden derives from the Japanese words “Eki” (place) and “Den” (delivery) and refers to the traditional courier delivery in Japan: in previous times, parcels were transported by different runners, who crossed the country at the speed of light(ning).

This brings us to the Acerta Brussels Ekiden where 'Lightning' Lien was our first runner! After warning the rest of the team of the challenging track with lots of uphill and steep parts, her colleagues took off and broke some personal records! Lightning Lien, Jaguar Jennifer, Energetic Eef, Amazing Aafke, Legendary Lieve and Diesel Davy ran the distances of 5 km + 10 km + 5 km + 10 km + 5 km + 7.195 km. A total of 42.195 km, in other words the mythical marathon distance!

Team spirit for the win, because the six of them were cheered on by their colleagues Lethal Laura and NoLimits Nina in the bustling Koning Boudewijn Stadium. Personal records were broken, limits were pushed, and our All Colors team coloured the stadium not just with their personalized blue, orange, red and yellow T-shirts, but also with their red and purple faces afterwards ;)

The All Colors team did not break the world record of 1:57:06, held by a Kenyan team, but with a finish time of 03:52:56 and a 597th place out of a total of almost 1000 company teams, they can nonetheless be very proud of themselves. And what's most important, they enjoyed an energetic teambuilding activity in a sunny and buzzing setting!

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