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Some bosses always have their reply ready, no matter what you say or do. We know what we are talking about: our boss is a fine example. But we managed to get Bart completely speechless for once. How we did that?

By surprising Bart and Chris with a caricature of the Out Of The Crowd & Whizpr team.
No, it’s not a cheesy attempt to get a raise :-)
It is simply a very logical thank you gesture for all the efforts that they have made in recent years to make us feel good at work.

Everyone in our team gets the opportunity to develop according to our own qualities and characteristics ..
And that’s exactly what keeps a team buzzing!  

Thank you, and you’re welcome!

Davy, Elke, Jennifer, Joost, Kristof, Laura, Laurens, Lien, Lieve, Sebastiaan, Simon, Stef and Tom

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