integrated communications


After the CPU's, also networks will become virtualized environments. Is the market ready to buy? Are we ready to sell? Are businesses aware of the opportunities? A lively debate with the specialists ...

Hardly any ICT professionals would disagree when stating that classical, static networks are in their last lifecycle: they simply cannot beat the flexibility that virtualized networks have to offer in terms of swift integrations, launching new services or multi-layered security.

But the availability of NSX does not mean that the end-customer is ready to take the next step. Not only because Benelux businesses are not really known for adopting new technologies swiftly, but also because a lot of vendors and resellers will have to make a mind shift from selling goods to selling services. Hence, new business models and sales arguments are in the making.

Moderated by our Managing Director, hosted by Tech Data, challenged by Check Point and VMware, and lively commented by the cream of the crop of value add resellers, we ran a lively debate through sales enablement, educating customers, adopting new technologies and the upcoming business standards on security.

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