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What do you do when all is lost and you don’t know who to turn to? TV viewers from the 80’s know the answer to that one: you call the A-team. This team of invincible men took on those jobs that everybody else refused, because they seemed impossible. And they always succeeded.

But did you know that the IT sector has a similar A-team, that only accepts those jobs that nobody else could get done? They are called the Seagate Recovery Team, they work near Amsterdam, and they can recover data from disks that everybody else was about to throw away. 

With their rescue actions, they have saved many digital treasures from eternal damnation. Grandparents  who feared that all photos of their grandchildren were lost forever. Companies that were about to file for bankruptcy because all their valuable assets seemed lost. They all have a special reason to be grateful to the Seagate Recovery Team.        

The most amazing part of this all: until recently - when WhizPR took a group of journalists to meet this A-team - these heroes were completely unknown. By now, their fame and reputation is a bit more widespread. And, more importantly, a lot of readers have come to understand the importance of decent backups. Because even the A-Team cannot rescue everything. 

The bad news: this service is not cheap. In some cases, you may have to pay up to 900 euro. But then again: what they have recovered for you, is probably much more valuable. 

The good news: if you invest in the Seagate Backup Plus White hard disk, you are entitled to Seagate’s Data Recovery Service for free during 2 years. If during this period some data seem to be lost forever, you are not guaranteed that they get your data back, but you do know that they will have given it their best shot. 

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